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Psyche and her sisters
  • Plate
  • Psyche and her sisters
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy, probably Urbino
  • c. 1540 - 1560
  • Tin-glazed earthenware, painted
  • Diameter: 27.9 cm
  • Inscription: 'I S' In a square, in blue
    Inscription: 'Arriua Psiche a regnio dele suore / & lor partitamente lcaso conta / & contando a la fin finge ch'amore / L hana scacciata con oltraggio & onta / & a ciascuna dice té poche horé / Dissé in canbio di me s'hauria congionta / Esse credule uanno & sedal sasso / Genano & pasto son difere al bsso' 'Psyche arrives at the kingdoms of her sisters, And tells them the case in all its details, And at the end of her tale, feigns that Love Had driven her away with outrage and shame, And says to each: to thee in a few hours (she said) he would have joined himself in place of me. They, credulous, go, and from the rock, Fling themselves, and are the food of wild beasts at the bottom.'
  • C132
  • Armouries Corridor
Further Reading
  • Possibly comte de Nieuwerkerke; Sir Richard Wallace, August 1871.