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An Unknown Lady
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • An Unknown Lady
  • France
  • c. 1650 - 1700
  • Miniature
  • Painted on vellum, probably red glass, probably green gelatine between rockcrystal.
  • Image size: 7.7 x 6.1 cm
    Frame size: 16.4 x 12.4 cm
    Overall size: 16.6 x 12.4 cm, with hook
  • Label: 'B16'
    Label: '87'
    Label: '16' 1687 scored through
    Label: '1687' (scored through)
  • M31
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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Further Reading
  • The sitter wears a white dress, trimmed with lace and blue ribbons, and a crimson cloak. Her powdered brown hair is tied with a blue ribbon and a gold ornament set with a red stone. Although once considered to belong to the British school, the handling appears to be more characteristically French. The costume and hairstyle suggest a date of c. 1690-1700.