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Pedestal clock
  • Pedestal clock
  • father of Jacques-Augustin Vidal
  • father of Jacques-Augustin Vidal
  • France
  • c. 1715 - 1720
  • Oak, première-partie Boulle marquetry of brass and turtleshell, glass, gilt bronze, brass and blued steel
  • Object size: 86 x 56 x 20 cm
  • Inscription: 'Vidal AParis' engraved
    Stamp: Crowned 'R'
  • F44
  • Billiard Room
Further Reading
  • This clock is veneered with première-partie Boulle marquetry but cannot be directly associated with clocks by Boulle. It is mounted with gilt bronze figures of Fame (on the top of the clock, recognisable from the trumpet she is holding, and the laurel wreath on her head), Prudence (on the left, with a serpent in her left hand) and Justice (holding a pair of scales). The inside of the back panel is also veneered with Boulle marquetry and is visible through the glass of the front. This clock is supported by a pedestal (F55, see below) which dates from around the same period, perhaps a little later, but was not originallly intended for this particular timepiece.
    The clock movement has an eight-day, spring drvien going train and a count-wheel striking train, with a verge escapement and a silk pendulum suspension. The back plate of the movement is engraved Vidal a Paris, while the front is stamped with R (crowned). However, the clock has been fitted with at least three different movements and this one post-dates the 1898 Hertford House inventory, although it is eighteenth-century.
    The première-partie Boulle marquetry pedestal on which it stands is not from the Boulle workshop although it too dates from the first quarter of the eighteenth century; it has undergone some subsequent restoration and nineteenth-century alterations, which may have included the addition of some extra gilt-bronze mounts such as the central mount and the lion-paw feet.
    In the eighteenth century clocks such as this were often combined with pedestals.