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  • Candelabrum
  • Attributed to François Rémond (1747 - 1812)
  • France
  • 1780 - 1782
  • Gilt-bronze, patinated bronze and steel hooks
  • Height: 98.7 cm
    Width: 47 cm
  • Stamp: '11'
    Stamp: '7'
    Stamp: '12'
    Stamp: '10'
  • F133
  • Dining Room
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  • A pair with F132, these candelabra are attributed to François Rémond (1742-1812) on the basis of similarities between the candleholders and friezes with other works by the bronzier. Variations of this model are also known, of varying quality, which suggests that they were commissioned by a marchand mercier, most likely to have been Dominique Daguerre, perhaps from different bronzier workshops. A previous attribution to Pierre Gouthière is no longer tenable, but the comparison of the seated fauns with the figures on the serpentine vase, mounted in gilt-bronze by Gouthière for the duchesse de Mazarin for presentation to the duc d’Aumont (now in the Louvre, inv. no. OA5178), remains valid as a stylistic influence.