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  • Armchair
  • Georges Jacob (1739 - 1814)
  • After Jean-Baptiste Oudry (1686 - 1755), (tapestry design)
  • France
  • c. 1780 (armchair frame)
    c. 1755 (tapestries)
    c. 1850 (tapestry added to frame)
  • Walnut, carved and gilded, beech chassis frame, tapestry, linen backing, steel pins and bolts, wooden armpad cores
  • Object size: 100 x 71 x 59.5 cm
  • Stamp: 'G ♦ IACOB'
    Inscription: 'IIII' on linen strip
    Inscription: 'X' on linen strip
  • F186
  • Large Drawing Room
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  • This armchair is one of a set of six chairs and two sofas. The chairs were made by the workshop of Jacob, which produced a wide range of furniture in the neo-classical style. The Beauvais tapestries now on all the pieces are not the original covers and date from twenty years earlier than the armchair frames, to which they were probably applied in c.1850. Their designs are by Jean-Baptiste Oudry (1686-1755) who, in addition to being the leading animal painter of his time, was director of the Beauvais manufactory. The back of this chair shows two squirrels and the seat shows two partridges. The two sofas were made to match the chairs in the nineteenth century, probably in order to display the large Oudry tapestries.