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  • Armchair
  • Jean-Baptiste Lelarge III (1743 - 1802)
  • France
  • c. 1780
    1956 (silk woven)
  • Beechwood, carved and gilded, yellow floral silk lampas, gimp.
  • Object size: 95.2 x 63 x 53 cm
  • Stamp: 'I * B * LELARGE'
  • F240
  • Small Drawing Room
Further Reading
  • One of a pair with F241. These armchairs are both stamped under the front seat rails with the mark of Jean-Baptiste Lelarge(1743-1802), the third generation of a family of chair-makers working in Paris. In a pronounced neo-classical design, evident from the oval back and the fluted, columnar legs, they are characteristic of other chairs produced by Lelarge which have similar elongated back supports. In this instance they are carved with stylised palm leaves, motifs of the neo-classical style; other such motifs include the acanthus leaves on the arms and arm supports, and the rectangles of acanthus foliage at the top of the legs.
    An armchair stamped by Lelarge of a similar shape and with similar elongated supports to the back is in the Petit Trianon. A set of twelve large and four small armchairs, also stamped by Lelarge and similar in design to F240-1 but more richly carved, is in Amerongen Castle, Utrecht.
    The chairs were reupholstered in 1991 using a modern yellow floral silk lampas. This chair and its pair appear to have been reupholstered twice in England in the late nineteenth century.