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  • Secretaire
  • Attributed to Bernard Molitor (1755 - 1833)
  • France
  • c. 1790
  • Oak, pinewood, mahogany, gilt-bronze, Carrara marble, brass, silvered metal, box, ebony and green-stained sycamore
  • Object size: 139.2 x 101 x 43 cm
  • Label: '113' Written in ink
  • F309
  • Boudoir
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  • Richly mounted with delicate gilt-bronze and veneered with flame mahogany panels on the doors, this handsome desk was made during a great turning-point in France, at the end of the Ancien Régime and before the start of the Empire in 1804. Some elements of its decoration, such as the rosette mounts and floral friezes, recall the furniture of Jean-Henri Riesener, while other elements, for example, the fluted columns on either side, foreshadow Empire furniture. The drop-front reveals a rich interior comprising four pigeonholes and nine drawers. The drawers are arranged around a central pigeonhole, the base of which contains a secret compartment.
    The desk is first recorded in the Salon galerie at 2 rue Laffitte, 1871. In 1890 and 1898 it was recorded in Lady Wallace’s Boudoir.