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Pier glass
  • Pier glass
  • Imitator of Jacques Verbeckt (1704 - 1771)
  • France
  • c. 1860
  • Glass, gilt and painted pinewood
  • Height: 335.3 cm
    Width: 192.5 cm
  • F442
  • Back State Room
Further Reading
  • This is a mid-nineteenth-century copy of the pier glass above the chimney-piece of the bedchamber of the dauphin (the king's eldest son) at the chateau of Versailles. The original forms part of the panelling carved in 1747 for the room by Jacques Verbeckt (1704-1771), for the dauphin and his second wife, Marie-Josèphe de Saxe. The same design was also used for the wider pier glass between the windows of the bed-chamber.
    This is not an exact copy, as the original has, appropriately, dolphins entwined in the frame below the reeds on either side rather than sea-serpents. The pier glass stands hangs in the Back State Room.