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Weighing machine
  • Weighing machine
  • After John Joseph Merlin (1735 - 1803)
  • England
  • c. 1800
  • Oak, mahogany, satinwood, tulipwood, box, baize, oil paint, steel and brass
  • Object size: 139.4 x 32.8 x 37 cm
  • Label: 'Directions for this machine / Previous to weighing observe that the machine that the machine stands perfectly level, then jostle this board a little to find that it is in its place which will be seen by the scale vibrating freely. / The weights will weigh up to 32 Strone, in weighing above 16 Stone place the box that contains the weights in the scale first it being equal to 16 Stone then add the other weight until you obtain the weight required. / In measuring above 3ft 7in count downwards from the brass piece with the name Weeks upon it.' Handwritten and gummed on paper
  • F528
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  • Perhaps Frederick, Duke of York; Duke of York sale, Christie's, 24 February 1827, no. 4; Acquired by Francis Charles Seymour-Conway, 3rd Marquess of Hertford.