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Venus and Cupid asleep
  • Attributed to Jacques Charlier (1706 - 1790)
  • Venus and Cupid asleep
  • France
  • mid or late 18th century
  • Miniature
  • Gouache on ivory
  • Sight size: 5.5 x 7.8 cm
    Border size: 7 x 9.5 cm
    Overall size: 7.3 x 9.5 cm, with hook
  • M63
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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  • One lesser-known aspect of the Wallace Collection is the large number of Boucher-related miniatures in the collection. Charlier, who spent a period working in Boucher’s studio, specialised in such miniatures which enjoyed great popularity in eighteenth-century France. Many of his works, painted for the open market, reveal a taste for the erotic female nude paralleled by that seen in the print trade at the same period. Here the pose of the figure of Venus recalls that of the sleeping Nereid in the foreground of Boucher’s The Setting of the Sun.