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This object is currently being catalogued
  • High relief ornament - Burial of a Bishop
  • This object is currently being catalogued
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Limoges, France
  • early 13th century
  • Copper, gold and wood, gilded, chased and engraved
  • Height: 30.5 cm
    Width: 36.8 cm
  • W7
  • Sixteenth Century Gallery
Further Reading
  • During the Medieval period the city of Limoges was the one of the most important centres in Western Europe for the large-scale production of metalwork in copper. Objects were cast in moulds, then chased, engraved and sometimes enamelled. Limoges copper-gilt metalwork was widely exported throughout Europe. This relief, which is notable for the exceptionally elaborate chasing of the garments of the six figures, was probably originally attached either to the front of an altar or, possibly, to the side of a reliquary casket or chasse (reliquary or shrine).