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This object is currently being catalogued
  • Shuttle
  • This object is currently being catalogued
  • Jean-Vincent Huguet (active between: 1787 - 1816)
  • Paris, France
  • 1757 - 1758
  • Gold
  • Weight: 90.9 g
    Width: 44 mm
    Length: 126.4 mm
    Height: 33.1 mm
  • Maker's mark: 'IHV' in a triangle formation, mark of Jean-Vincent Huguet, goldsmith registered in Paris, 4 October 1745 - 1786.
    Charge mark: Charge for gold of the fermier Eloy Brichard, Paris, 7 October 1756 - 1 Ocotber 1759.
    Warden's mark: Wardens mark (maison commune) for gold, Paris, 16 July 1757 - 21 July 1758.
    Discharge mark: Decharge for the fermiers Eloy Brichard and Etienne Somfoye, Paris, 1 October 1756 - 1 October 1762.
    Warranty mark: The restricted warranty mark (petite garantie), Paris, 10 May 1838 - 31 Decemeber 1846.
    Mark: Mark 4
  • W221
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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  • Knotting was a past time for genteel ladies in the 18th century. It is a method of creating a braid by knotting the silk thread at close intervals till a cord was formed which could then be added to a dress or upholstery. First the thread was wound onto the central column of the shuttle, which was then unwound as and when the thread was needed. Knotting shuttles were often made of expensive materials, such as turtleshell, mother of pearl, silver and gold. They were often given as gifts.
    This shuttle is made of varicoloured gold, comprising two oval panels held together with a central oval column. The panels are pierced with irregular square basketwork, bordered by a continuous band of bright-cut engraving, which encloses a band of green gold ivy leaves on a matted gold ground. In the centre is an oval reserve, depicting foliage and flowers in green, white and red gold.