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  • Goblet
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Probably façon de Venise
  • late 16th- early 17th century
  • Clear glass with pronounced straw tinge throughout, except for mobile elements in turquoise-blue glass; mould-blown, applied and tooled features.
  • Height: 13.8 cm
    Diameter: 7.8 cm
  • C536
  • Sixteenth Century Gallery
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  • This goblet has a distinctive straw tinge throughout and features suspended turquoise-blue glass mobile scrolls on either side, from which rotatable rings are suspended.
    Hanging mobile rings similar to those suspended from this goblet are recurrent on Baroque goblets made in Venice and in the Venetian style and may derive from German or Bohemian precedents. German barrel-shaped ring beakers dated to the first half of the sixteenth century have numerous metal rings attached to glass loops. A Bohemian goblet with suspended glass rings, in the Decorative Arts Museum, Prague, is dated 1594, showing that glass rings were used to decorate glass dirinking vessels by this time. It has been suggested that besides their ornamental aspect, the rings moving against the glass may have added a pleasing tinkling sound.
    Although it is in Venetian style, this goblet is thought not to have been made in Venice, on account its relatively poor quality, both in terms of the glass itself, with its distinctive straw tinge, and its construction, together with its proportions, which give it a slightly squat appearance.