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Standing Bowl and Cover
  • Standing Bowl and Cover
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Venice
  • late 16th-early 18th century
  • Colourless glass throughout except for two turquoise-blue glass chains; mould-blown, applied and tooled features.
  • Height: 15.6 cm, with cover
    Diameter: 11.1 cm, of bowl
    Height: 7.4 cm, of cover
    Diameter: 12.4 cm, of cover
  • C548
  • Sixteenth Century Gallery
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Further Reading
  • The form of this standing bowl and cover derives ultimately from medieval metalwork prototypes as seen, for example, in the late fourteenth century French Royal Gold Cup in the British Museum. C548 is a shallower version of glass standing cups with covers made in Venice from the late fifteenth century. Vessels of C548 type may have been multi-functional, perhaps suitable for use as part of a set for the dressing preparations known as the toilet or as a confectionery box.
    Vessels of C548 type may have been produced over a long period. While the ribbed knop and pedestal foot occur in sixteenth-century Venetian glass and pedestal bowls were in use in the Low Countries by the early seventeenth century, the blue chains and finials comprising a 'propeller-pattern' element and terminal ball, both features of C448, occur on glasses acquired in Venice by Frederik IV, King of Denmark, in 1708-9.
    The quality of its colourless glass and craftsmanship as well as other typically Venetian features, including contrasting elements in blue glass, support an attribution to Venice for C548.