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A Stormy Landscape
  • Meindert Hobbema (1638 - 1709)
  • A Stormy Landscape
  • Netherlands
  • 1663 - 1665
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 96.7 x 128 cm, maximum
    Object size: 130.5 x 162 x 10 cm
  • Signature: 'm.hobbema, / f …6[3or 5?]'
  • P75
  • Great Gallery
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Further Reading
  • Hobbema, a pupil of Jacob van Ruisdael, began painting his characteristic richly textured woodland views in around 1662. This painting is an excellent
    example of this new phase in his art and may be dated to 1663 – 5. It demonstrates his delight in creating woodland vistas, varied with differing
    tree forms and patches of light, opening onto illuminated clearings
    with picturesque cottages. Even with the threat of an impending storm, his
    vision of nature is cheerfully domestic, in contrast to the dramatic intensity of
    his former master, Ruisdael. Described (perhaps fancifully) as Hobbema’s
    reception piece for the Middelburg Academy by the French art dealer Le
    Brun in the nineteenth century, it was understandably regarded as one of
    Hobbema’s masterpieces by the art historian Hofstede de Groot.
    The 4th Marquess of Hertford acquired the painting at the sale of Cardinal Fesch in Rome in 1845.