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The Virgin and Child with a Rosary
  • Attributed to Bartolomé-Esteban Murillo (1617 - 1682)
  • The Virgin and Child with a Rosary
  • Spain
  • c. 1670-1680
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 109.2 x 79.7 cm
    Frame size: 135 x 106 x 10 cm
  • P136
  • Great Gallery
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  • Murillo treated the subject of the Virgin of the Rosary on several occasions, the earliest being a work painted c.1649-50 (Castres, Museo Goya), which may be linked to Murillo’s association from 1644 with the Confraternity of the Virgin of the Rosary.

    In this version the Christ Child stands on the Virgin’s knee holding a rosary, as an aid to devotion. The tenderness between Mother and Child is expressed in the inclination of their heads towards one another, as both look out to meet our gaze.

    Although its attribution to Murillo was questioned in the past, but the composition and brushwork are of a high enough quality to be by Murillo himself.

    It was aquired by the 4th Marquess of Hertford at an unknown date.