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The Deliverance of Saint Peter
  • David Teniers the Younger (1610 - 1690)
  • The Deliverance of Saint Peter
  • Southern Netherlands
  • probably c. 1645 - c. 1647
  • Painting
  • Oil on copper
  • Image size: 36 x 49.6 cm, maximum
    Frame size: 56.5 x 71 x 9 cm
  • Signature: 'D.TENIERS. F'
  • P210
  • East Drawing Room
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  • This picture illustrates the episode when Saint Peter was thrown into prison on the orders of King Herod of Judea. Teniers makes the scene more immediate by situating the story in his own time, thus forcing the viewer to draw a parallel with contemporary behaviour. This mundane scene is contrasted with the celestial vision of the angel, glimpsed through the open cell door in the right background, urging the aged saint to escape. The painting is executed in oils on copper, the details and costumes painted with a high degree of finish which adds to the story’s dramatic veracity.