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Lamentation over a Dead Hero
  • After Antonio del Pollaiuolo (1432 - 1498)
  • Lamentation over a Dead Hero
  • Italy
  • c. 1450 - 1500
  • Drawing
  • Brown ink and wash on paper
  • Overall size: 27.3 x 43.8 cm
  • P762
  • Not on display
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  • A copy, perhaps from the workshop, of a lost design by Pollaiuolo, recalling his interest in the representation of the nude in violent expressive poses, borne out by his known designs such as the Battle of the Nudes (engraving, c.1470-5). The subject may be identified with the lamentation of the death of Pallas, as described in Vigil’s Aeneid (XI, 29-41). Turnus, King of the Rutulians, killed Pallas, son of Evander, King of Arcadia, when he was fighting for Aeneas in Italy. The young man’s corpse was laid out before his tent, where the Trojan women loosed their hair in mourning, and ‘all struck their breasts and loud was their lamentation’. The standing figure on the right may be Aeneas, while beside him the ageing Acoetes bends over the body.