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Cupid Vanquishing Pan
  • Jean Jacques Caffiéri (1725 - 1792)
  • Cupid Vanquishing Pan
  • France
  • 1777
  • Statuette
  • Bronze
  • Statuette, Height: 42.5 cm
    Base, Diameter: 21.5 cm
  • Signature: I.I. Caffieri+/invenit+ excudit 1777+
    Inscription: OMNIA VINCIT AMOR./L'Amour triomphe de tout 'Love conquers all'
  • S219
  • Boudoir
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Further Reading
  • Caffiéri was a member of a celebrated family of bronze casters and chasers (see pp.00). He also executed marbles and small bronzes for private clients. This bronze, with its pendant Friendship surprised by Love (Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio), was commissioned by the abbé Terray, a former Finance Minister to Louis XV and a lavish patron of the arts. A closely related terracotta had been exhibited by Caffiéri at the Paris Salon of 1771. In the catalogue Caffiéri explained that the subject (‘Love conquers All’) is represented by Pan as the god of shepherds and nature.