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The Virgin and Child
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  • Our plaquette replicates a type that is very well-documented by numerous surviving examples where it is possible to appreciate the original design, here severely truncated.

    The Virgin and Child are presented behind a parapet decorated with stylised acanthus leaves and in more complete examples the background has a garland decorated with ribbons suspended above the figures. There are numerous variants of this basic compostion, often incorporating figure of saints flanking the central group of the Virgin and Child.

    Scholars have noted the close relationship of this model with that of other plaquettes of the same subject attributed to Donatello and his circle (see for example S300 and S299). This comparison and the presence and style of the garland suggest a Paduan origin for this design, to an artist influenced by Donatello and aware of the work of Andrea Mantegna (c.1430/1-1506) in the 1450s.