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Broc 'Roussel'; jatte 'ovale à bord de relief'
  • Jug and Basin
  • Broc 'Roussel'; jatte 'ovale à bord de relief'
  • Manufacture de Sèvres
  • Charles-Nicolas Dodin (1734 - 1803), Painter
  • Sèvres, France
  • 1758
  • Soft-paste porcelain, painted and gilded
  • Jug, C452, Height: 19.1 cm
    Basin, C453, Object size: 9.7 x 31.9 cm
  • Factory mark: Interlaced Ls enclosing 'E' the date letter for 1758 Painted
    Factory mark: Interlaced Ls enclosing 'e' the date letter for 1758
    Painter's mark: 'K' for Charles-Nicolas Dodin Painted
    Mark: Two dots In underglaze blue enamel
    Incised mark: 'Ph'
  • C452-3
  • Back State Room
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  • Porcelain jugs and basins were used either in the private lavatory, or during the toilette. Displayed on the dressing-table, they could be used for washing hands, as people had breakfast during the lengthy morning ritual. Although sometimes their decoration matched that of the other toilette items, they were usually sold separately.
    This set consists of an oval basin and a pear-shaped jug with a handle formed by intertwined scrolls. Like many models of the early 1750s, the jug was named after one of the manufactory’s shareholders, in this case Jacques Roussel. Both pieces are decorated with an underglaze blue 'bleu lapis' ground overlaid with 'caillouté' ('pebble-stone') gilding. The painted decoration is by Charles-Nocolas Dodin (op. 1754-1802/3), who was one of Sèvres's most prestigious painters. It is very typical for the mid-1750s, featuring trophies of Love and the Arts and cherubs on clouds. The latter are derived from an engraving after François Boucher whose designs were often used at the manufactory. The elaborate rocaille cartouches with geometric trellis patterns around the reserves are reminiscent of oriental lacquer.
    The exceptionally lavish set may have been given by Louis XV to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria during the negotiations for the marriage of his eldest grandson to Maria Theresa's three-year old daughter and later French Queen Marie-Antoinette.