• Sword
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Pommel- North Europe; guard- Germany; blade Savoy or France
  • Date: 1540 - 1725
    c. 1540 (guards)
    c. 1630 (pommel)
    early 18th century (blade)
  • Medium: Iron or steel, copper alloy and blackened hilt
  • Length: 80 cm
  • Width: 3.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.215 kg
  • Inv: A553
  • Location: European Armoury I
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Further Reading
  • Sword, the blackened hilt made up of an octagonal, pear-shaped pommel with button; oval, wire-bound grip; short, straight crossguard, square in section, thickening at the ends; knuckle guard, shell (pierced with two circular holes) and semi- hilt-arms, with transverse bar, all decorated with molding or roping. Double-edged blade of diamond section, hollowed, inscribed on a plane at the forte, the words separated by cross-crosslets in saltire inlaid in brass on both sides:


    There are signs of brazing near the hilt, probably a repair executed at a later date.

    The blade is Savoyard or French, early 18th century.

    For remarks on the inscription, see under A632. The hilt is probably earlier than the blade, which may be Savoyard. (cf. Wegeli, Bern Cat., nos. 568 , 758, 853).