Plaques 'de coffre' of the second size
  • Six plaques mounted in a coffer
  • Plaques 'de coffre' of the second size
  • Manufacture de Vincennes
  • Possibly Jean-Claude Chambellan Duplessis, the Elder (1695 - 1774), Designer
    Louis Leroy (active between: 1741 - 1758), Goldsmith
  • Vincennes, France
  • Date: 1754 - 1755
  • Medium: Soft-paste porcelain, painted and gilded, silver-gilt, mirror-glass, velvet, lace and braid
  • Object size: a-b, 31 x 20.5 cm
  • Object size: c-d, 31.5 x 13.2 cm
  • Object size: e-f, 21 x 13.2 cm
  • Inv: C495
  • Location: Not on display
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Further Reading
  • Caskets or coffers of this kind were probably intended for jewels or toilet articles. This one is lined in red silk velvet mounted on pages from old account books. It is made of six plaques which were probably bought from the factory by the luxury dealer Aulagnier in 1754.
    Aulagnier was particularly involved in the Turkish market and this casket was probably intended for Turkey as part of a large and elaborate toilet service. But the service was never completed and there is no evidence that this casket ever reached Constantinople, probably because relations between France and Turkey broke down at the beginning of the Seven Years’ War (1756-63).
    Aulagnier commissioned the exceptional silver-gilt mounts from Louis Leroy. Since these and the painted and gilded decoration on the porcelain echo each other so well, their design was pobably devised by Jean-Claude Duplessis père (1697-1774), who was the chief designer at Sèvres at the time and also worked in metal.