• Date: c. 1695
    1800 - 1900 (wardrobe altered, eg.gilt-bronze heads and their octagonal frames added to doors)
  • Medium: Oak (stained black on the interior), première- and contre-partie Boulle marquetry of brass and turtleshell, walnut, ebony, turtleshell, brass, gilt bronze, steel hinges, locks and key
  • Object size: 241.7 x 148.5 x 52.8 cm
  • Inv: F63
  • Location: Large Drawing Room
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Further Reading
  • This wardrobe, or 'armoire', may be attributed to André-Charles Boulle and is probably an earlier version of his later armoires, such as F61 and F62 in the Wallace Collection. It has a number of gilt-bronze mounts of the same models as on these later wardrobes and on other Boulle furniture. It has, however, certainly undergone major alterations in the nineteenth century. The 4th Marquess bought the armoire in France in 1861 and a contemporary writer noted that the gilt-bronze heads on the door fronts were not original; the octagonal frames around the heads are probably also a nineteenth-century disposition. The marquetry panels on the sides also appear to have undergone alteration, and the walnut veneer on the backs of the doors must date from the nineteenth century. The interior shelves and racks that support them are probably also of the same period.