Venus in search of Cupid surprises Diana
  • William Hilton (1786 - 1839)
  • Venus in search of Cupid surprises Diana
  • England
  • Date: 1819 - 1820
  • Object Type: Painting
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 154.8 x 191 cm
  • Frame size: 191 x 220 x 14.5 cm, with shield top of frame
  • Frame size: 180 x 220 x 14.5 cm, with out shield
  • Inv: P633
  • Location: Hall
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Further Reading
  • This painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1820. An essay in the manner of Titian, the painting’s subject is taken from Spenser’s 'The Faerie Queene', III, vi, 11-25. While looking for her son Cupid, Venus comes upon Diana bathing with her attendants. Diana holds a white drape to cover herself and her attendants gather round her. Hilton exhibited six other subjects from 'The Faerie Queene' between 1809 and 1832.