Bust of Charles IX
  • Date: c. 1570 - 9
  • Object Type: Bust
  • Medium: Bronze. Marble socle and associated marble pedestal
  • Height: Bust, 62.2 cm
  • Height: Bust and socle, 70.9 cm
  • Width: Maximum, 60.5 cm
  • Inv: S154
  • Location: Sixteenth Century Gallery
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Further Reading
  • Charles IX (1550-74) acceded to the throne of France at the age of ten. Weak in health and character, he was dominated by his mother, Catherine de’Medici and by the duc de Guise, the leader of the Catholic faction at a time of intense religious strife in France. For all the splendour of Charles’s costume, with his laurel crown and military armour, the thin lips and suspicious eyes of this masterful portrait brilliantly suggest the young king’s brittle and nervous character. This is one of the finest surviving works of Germain Pilon who was sculpteur du roi under both Charles IX and his successor, Henri III.