The Borghese Dancers
  • Henri Perlan (1597 - 1656) , Cast by
  • François Anguier (1604 - 1669), From a model by
  • The Borghese Dancers
  • France
  • Date: 1641/2 (model), 1642/3 (cast)
  • Object Type: Relief
  • Medium: Bronze
  • Height: 66.6 cm
  • Width: 200.8 cm
  • Weight: 143 kg
  • Inv: S155
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Further Reading
  • The Borghese Dancers (Louvre, Paris) is a celebrated Roman marble relief, the name of which derives from the Villa Borghese in Rome, where it was displayed from the early seventeenth century. It features five female figures in clinging draperies dancing to a gentle but measured step. A plaster cast was made of this marble and other antique sculpture for Louis XIII of France in 1640. This bronze version, probably intended for the Grande Galerie of the Louvre, is a reworking by François Anguier of the plaster cast which is said to have arrived in Paris as a ‘rather formless sketch’. The casting of this and a pendant in the Louvre, Maidens adorning a Candelabrum, was contracted to Henri Perlan. Anguier produced many funerary monuments, including the mausoleum of Henri II, duc de Montmorency, at Moulins.