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The Emperor Napoleon I
  • François-Aimé Damerat (active between: 1781 - 1819) , Chased by
  • Lacour (active between: c. 1812), Cast by
  • The Emperor Napoleon I
  • Paris, France
  • Date: 1812 (lacour)
  • Object Type: Statuette
  • Medium: Bronze
  • Height: Statuette, 22.9 cm
  • Width: Base, 11.9 cm
  • Length: Base, 15.2 cm
  • Inv: S228
  • Location: West Gallery III
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Further Reading
  • Napoleon Bonaparte is shown in this statuette with the attributes of the Arts and Sciences. The companion statuette of Empress Marie-Louise (1791–1847), the second wife of Emperor Napoleon whom he married in 1810, shows her with with attributes of the Art of Paintings. They are one of five pairs cast in 1812 for Napoleon's palaces. Both figures derive from Roman antique bronzes in the collection of Dominique-Vivant Denon, Napoleon's Minister of Fine Arts, on whose initiative they were probably made. The casting is by an obscure goldsmith named Lacour and the high-quality chasing by François-Aimé Damerat.