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Vase 'grec à rosettes' of the first size
  • Pair of Vases and Covers
  • Vase 'grec à rosettes' of the first size
  • Sèvres Manufactory
  • Probably Jean-Claude Chambellan Duplessis the Elder (c.1695–1774), Designer
  • Sèvres, France
  • Date: c. 1765 (vase and cover)
  • Medium: Soft-paste porcelain, gilded
  • Object size: 47.6 x 26 cm
  • Inv: C274-5
  • Location: Large Drawing Room
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Further Reading
  • These vases illustrate the neoclassical influence that became fashionable in the 1760s, combining a bulbous baluster shape with typical decoraion of fluted pilasters, a Greek-key pattern on the neck, sculpted garlands, rosettes and acanthus tips. The model was introduced in 1763 and possibly designed by Jean-Claude Duplessis (op. 1748-74), who had created some of the most exuberant rococo models during the 1750s. Despite the classical inspiration, the model has the ornate abundance of his earlier designs.
    The richly sculpted vases have no painted decoration. Instead, the overglaze ‘bleu nouveau’ ground colour (introduced in 1753 to replace the earlier underglaze blue) is combined with white ground and generous gilding.